On 10/6/2009 7:51 PM chicagofan wrote:
It has occurred to me, after reading responses there on several bugs,
that the project members might not want users who can't help technically to clutter up that forum. Is that the case? I could understand that... just trying to determine if I should confine my comments/problems to this newsgroup. :)

Bugzilla is a bug tracking system, i.e. any comment that helps understanding the problem or fixing the bug is on topic, anything else is not (unless I forgot some scenario). That includes not only technical help but also information about how/when/under which conditions a bug can be experienced and also since when. The latter is what we call finding a regression window, i.e. finding the day the bug first appeared by checking nightly builds (which are archived on the FTP server).

In other words, if you have some new information, post it. If not, don't (you may add yourself to the CC list or vote for the bug, though). If you want to start a discussion, post to a newsgroup (like here) or go to IRC and ask politely (and don't expect too much there, from experience it takes some time to get a reply, if any, when not asking specific people).

- filing a bug (after having checked that one doesn't exist already)
- adding new useful info, including narrowing down the problem (e.g. happens also on platform X if only confirmed on Y yet)
- adding a patch. ;-)

- writing something someone else has written in previous comments
- writing that you really, really want XY or that XY is bad without adding otherwise useful information



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