Russell wrote:
I really like the Seamonkey browser and have used it for years. In previous SM
releases I could do a custom install and not install the email feature as I
prefer to use another email client.
With Seamonkey v2 RC's custom install there's no option to omit the email
component and now every time I click on an email link in SM it's asking me to
setup my Seamonkey email service.
How can I get rid of this and have my email open in the application I prefer?
I'm using XP, but assume this issue exists with Vista as well.



Russell, it is my understanding that as SeaMonkey Suite includes a mail&news agent, SeaMonkey's first mail call will always be to it's inbuilt mail agent.

If you've been using just the browser portion of SeaMonkey and getting it to call another, separate, mail agent, I'd be interested to here how you achieved that!!

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