On 10/14/2009 9:09 AM, David Wilkinson wrote:
> J. Weaver Jr. wrote:
>> Then you will lose at least one customer - my wife, for whom I've been 
>> doing the "Browser only" install. She's come to love Seamonkey, but 
>> she's been using Outlook as a mail client for umphteen years now, and 
>> won't (and shouldn't have to) change.
>> Actually, make that _two_ customers, because if I have to find and 
>> support some other browser-only solution for her, then I'll probably 
>> change to something else myself, in my never-ending attempt to minimize 
>> the number of different apps I have to keep track of around here.
>> Please, PLEASE, reconsider removing the "Browser only" install option. 
>> Or please, make sure instructions are available for whatever registry 
>> hack (ugh) is required to restore that functionality.  -JW
> No offense, but if you only want the browser component, why don't you just 
> use 
> FireFox? Surely, most people use SeaMonkey precisely because it contains 
> browser, mail and news (and now RSS) in a single application.
> Or is it that you use ChatZilla or Composer? I never use those, so they are 
> not 
> important in my decision to use SeaMonkey.

I don't use Firefox because it has bugs that I don't see in SeaMonkey.

David E. Ross

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