On 10/14/2009 06:50 PM, Cruz, Jaime wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> Out of curiosity I then installed 1.1.17 (complete) and the same problem
>> occurs there as well, so it's not just 2.0(x) that does not allow using
>> an alternate email application.
>>   Note: I'd never encountered this before as I've always just had
>> SeaMonkey set as my default email client for as long as I can remember.
> I beg to differ.  In my office, I installed the Browser only component 
> of Seamonkey 1.1.8.  I need to use Outlook for the office Exchange 
> Server.  If I click on a mailto: link, it correctly launches Outlook.
> Of course, since the Seamonkey mail/news client isn't installed it 
> really doesn't have a choice, does it?

Perhaps you need to attend the same reading comprehension classes that I
do on occasion :-)

I then installed 1.1.17 (complete)

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