On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 17:12:13 +0200, Robert Kaiser <ka...@kairo.at> wrote:

>SeaMonkey 2.x will not allow installing without the mailnews component.

That's ok if there's an easy to find preference setting that allows me to not
use it. Netscape also offered an email component that could be ignored if not
needed. I prefer the Seamonkey browser to Firefox and will be very disappointed
to say goodbye to it after so many years of using it.   Before that I used
Netscape and Seamonkey offered a very similar UI with better security.  

I want to continue using another newsreader and am very happy with my email
software (Pegasus) and do not like Firefox compared to Seamonkey.

Let's hope someone comes up with a workaround, or I know a LOT of folks who I've
convinced to use Seamonkey who'll also be looking for another alternative once
v1.18 is no longer an option.


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