Keith Whaley wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Russell wrote:
Perhaps someone will jump in with an easy fix. I do hope the final release offers the same install flexibility as did the
previous versions.

SeaMonkey 2.x will not allow installing without the mailnews component.

Robert Kaiser

FWIW, I don't think it should!
Why have a suite if you only want to use half of it?
There are rational alternatives...

Because not every user in a group situation will want exactly the same thing. As I said before, my wife uses only the browser (which she's very happy with, with Outlook as the mail client), while I use the entire suite (which _I'm_ very happy with).

It's convenient for me that we're both using Seamonkey, as I can parallel updates between our machines, doing the "Browser only" install for her; if her partial usage of the suite is no longer allowed, then I'll be switching to something else for _both_ of us, for simplicity's sake. -JW
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