Ant wrote:
I didn't even know SeaMonkey v1.1.18's e-mails could be sorted by threads. I always had it sorted by dates.

I was wondering if there was a way to short threads by newest/updated dates. I replied to an old e-mail thread and it was not at the top (sorted by newest to oldest).

If unavailale in SM v1.x, then can SM v2.x do this?

It would be nice in threaded mode to have a choice of sort by first post date and sort by most recent post date, but it's one of those features you only really miss a few times a year.

What I would like is an explicit 'sort by date received' rather than date in the headers. I realize this might be hard to do on some mail servers, but spammers seem to time shift their dates and screw up the sort.

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