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Is there some reason why everyone is trying to do something else annoying when the SM1.1.xx behavior, to ask only when the MP was needed and do it only once (unless the timeout option was specified), was highly satisfactory?

The big difference between Gecko 1.8 and Gecko 1.9 is that the former would lock up the entire browser waiting for you to enter the master password. This meant that if you left the dialog open you would stop getting mail; websites would not auto-refresh; ChatZilla would time out.

Given that we've lived with this behavior for years, that sounds worse than it 

Gecko 1.9 does not do this, so if only one window needs the master password then you're all set, and you don't have to worry about it logging you out of ChatZilla or whatever. But if two windows need the master password, the problem is that neither knows that the other is asking.

Until all of the various code that handles passwords gets fixed to handle this, our workaround is to ask for the master password on startup.

But asking at all when the password is not needed seems to tickle some sore point on the "piss me off" nerve, and I hear about that one thing more than all the good things in 2.0. Hopefully TBird users will hate it, since policy seems to be not to fix it in SM alone.

I worry that users will just turn off MP, and that's not good.

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