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On 10/19/2009 04:10 PM, Phillip Jones wrote:
The second I don't know whether is a Bug or an annoyance. I have a Master Password set. And when the password window comes up its dead I can not type in Password. I have to cancel it at which time It comes back this time its active and I can type it in.


I hadn't experienced this previously, so on a test VirtualBox install
w/Win2KPro (where I had 1.1.18 and 2.0(multilple versions) working
correctly I:

1. Uninstalled _all_ instances of SM using the standard Windows control
panel method.

2. I then installed 1.1.18 & it brought up my previous profile defaults
(including email) & seems to be working fine.

3. I then installed 2.0rc2, and when it first came up I also could not
enter my MP (including in the Edit|Preferences...). Very odd.

4. I then closed SM (2.0rc2) and reopened and it then allowed me to
enter the MP at the first MP prompt. I closed and restarted SM 2.0rc2
multiple times afterwards and could not reproduce. I also restarted
Win2KPro, brought up SM 2.0rc2 and again could not reproduce.

Are you still experiencing this problem?

Yes each time an update to a new version occurs its dead. Until I cancel two or three times. Once its opened and Password accepted the first time each time after that when opened it works, Except if the focus is lost (say something updates on computer its dead ( what I mean by this I have a stock widget that updates readings every ten minutes (Yahoo widgets) if it happens to up date at the same time That will make the password window go dead and I will have to cancel , bounces back and becomes active. For Most folks this will not be an issue but on Occasion I travel with this computer. And I don't want anyone to open up SeaMonkey but me.

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