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Phillip Jones schrieb:

The first is I won't switch completely switch until QuoteColors is
updated to work with it.

It works, you just need to override it's compatibility.
I'd suggest you ask the author of the extension to add SM to the
compatibility list of his extension.

He says he will as soon as they stop releasing Beta's and go to Full Program. says the way mozilla does beta's its a moving Target every time a new beta comes out it beaks again.

As for enabling it the enable button is greyed out.

Much the
The second I don't know whether is a Bug or an annoyance. I have a
Master Password set. And when the password window comes up its dead I
can not type in Password. I have to cancel it at which time It comes
back this time its active and I can type it in.

That's a pretty well-known bug, just have a look around ;-)
Although not being able to type the pw in at the first time doesn't
sound so typical. (but multiple prompts are)

And the window in SM 1.x was adjustable in that you could move its
position. on the screen. SM2 It dead center. and can not be repositioned.

WFM, problem at your side it seems...


This one cleared up with the install of R2 version 3

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