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On 10/19/2009 04:10 PM, Phillip Jones wrote:

The second I don't know whether is a Bug or an annoyance. I have
a Master Password set. And when the password window comes up its
dead I can not type in Password. I have to cancel it at which
time It comes back this time its active and I can type it in.

I hadn't experienced this previously, so on a test VirtualBox
install w/Win2KPro

Except Phillip is using a Mac, and dialogs behave... weirdly. Are
there any other Mac users having problems entering their master

OK. But you seem to be ignoring the fact that I _did_ experience the
issue briefly following my installs:

3. I then installed 2.0rc2, and when it first came up I also could not
enter my MP (including in the Edit|Preferences...). Very odd.

And that suggests to me that it is not only Mac. Perhaps instead of
dismissing my post because I am not using a Mac, it might be better to
suggest a method to trap the issue so that a bug can be filed.

So I'll repeat my question to Phillip: Are you still experiencing this

yes. each time a new update is installed I've had 2 installed for several weeks now and whether updated through automatic Updater or by download and install this happens. Once it run one time then there is no problem. I'm one of these types that update as soon as an update comes out.

If you are seeing this in dailies rather than the RC version, I understand better. If you see this in the -RC versions ignore the rest of this.
- it happens once and only once after each update
- everyone in Seamonkey-land is up to their ass in -RC bugs
- there are other issues in dailies, I have a few I'll report when the
  release goes out

Since I went to the RC2build3 version to be more helpful, I haven't seen this in Linux, it may be new or limited to other OS. When Win7 comes out and I install in a VM, I'll test.

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