Bob Fleischer wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Bob Fleischer wrote:
Gerry Hickman wrote:
Ah! It's got the "follow-up" flag set! That explains a lot:)

It certainly would be a usability improvement if SeaMonkey did
something (probably as an option) to grab one's attention in this

With any community tool such as a newsreader, helping one person
avoid mistakes helps the entire community.

File a bug on that? Any ideas what to do and how to provide maximum
usability and minimum intrusion for users would be nice!

One simple thing I could think of would be to make any Followup-To lines
bold (i.e. not only the label but also the value). For the time being
that should already be possible through the use of custom CSS, to be applied with e.g. Stylish.

I really have not taken the time (nor do I really have the time if it
is substantial) to become familiar with the bug reporting mechanism.

I guess it would be nice to have a guideline at some point (independent
from any improvements to Bugzilla itself). Until then, just ask here if
you need help, or join #seamonkey on and ask there.

How strict is the definition of "bug"?  This isn't really a "bug" (or
at least some wouldn't consider it such), rather an improvement

In Bugzilla terms that's an Enhancement bug. :-)


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