Robert Kaiser wrote:
asmpgmr wrote:
Well the tiny round buttons aren't good. I've never seen any app have
buttons like that, it needs normal buttons. Also what do you perceive
as wrong with the 1.x design ? It looks perfectly fine to me. People
who don't like dialogs can use the download manager and that's great,
there's a choice. Why make the dialog unusable to those who prefer
dialogs ?

The "tiny round buttons" are IMHO one of the better designs in that progress window. It's no dialog anyhow, it's a progess window.

But perhaps we should have just remove them altogether, would have saved me lots of work and us all lots of discussions.

Robert Kaiser

I like tiny round buttons, but...what to do when you run across a button icon that does not display a text description when you pass your mouse cursor over it? Is there a toggle for that action somewhere?

Every window that displays, at least in Mail & Newsgroups AND in Navigator, has a title bar (my name for it) with the name of the window you're looking at, the omnipresent oval button far right, and the three little round buttons far left, with X, - and + inside them. Obviously the X closes the window, the - seems to minimize the window and zoom it into the Dock, and what does the + window do? On mine, pressing plus moves the current window to the top left of the available screen space.
What's that all about?
Since I have no owner's manual for my SM 1.1.18, and particularly in the absence of the drop-down textual identity windows I mentioned above, I have to _guess_ what the actions are for...

I tried looking thru Help, but finally gave up finding anything about them. They don't seem to HAVE a name.

So, would it be too much trouble to add drop-down mouse-over I.D. windows for each icon?

keith whaley

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