On Oct 25, 10:02 am, Robert Kaiser <ka...@kairo.at> wrote:
> Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
> > I think it's dysfunctional to have a download process complete silently
> > without telling me it succeeded, or worse yet, stall silently without
> > telling me there's a problem. I don't know when I can go open the file,
> > or if it's even there.
> I agree that the new design has problems, and I'm open to suggestions,
> but not to just go back to the also bad design it was before.
> My problem was to come up with a good base for an improved version as
> nobody wanted to take up the work of rewriting it (the old version was
> written for a backend we didn't have at all any more and the patch for
> the new backend only had an empty dialog come up with "please use the
> download manager" written in it, so I had to create _something_ new).
> I'm very unsatisfied with the situation of the functionality of context
> menus on the source and target labels being completely hidden, but the
> row of buttons in the old dialog was bad as well, even though it was
> more discoverable.
> I made sure no functionality of the old dialog was actuall lost, but I
> know good parts of it are not as discoverable as they should be.
> As I said, suggestions are welcome as long as they don't mean just
> reverting to the old design.
> Robert Kaiser

Well the tiny round buttons aren't good. I've never seen any app have
buttons like that, it needs normal buttons. Also what do you perceive
as wrong with the 1.x design ? It looks perfectly fine to me. People
who don't like dialogs can use the download manager and that's great,
there's a choice. Why make the dialog unusable to those who prefer
dialogs ?
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