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asmpgmr wrote:

Granted but why do things like change the download progress
dialog UI to be less usable because you don't like dialogs (Your
words: "Download progress dialogs ? Eww!"). There really is no
reason why this can't look more or less the same as SeaMonkey 1.x

If you love ugly, then you your own extension to make it ugly

And thanks for turning a joke after hours of hard work against me.

Robert Kaiser

See exactly what I am talking about. You think it looks ugly. Other
of us love it. Most of the silent Majority folks are not going to
have the courage to speak up. Most say to themselves, Gee something
else I am going to have to endure , oh well I can't do anything
about, so why bother saying anything.

If the developers come up with something they think is pretty/elegant and gives me the feedback I need, that would be fine.

I think it's dysfunctional to have a download process complete silently without telling me it succeeded, or worse yet, stall silently without telling me there's a problem. I don't know when I can go open the file, or if it's even there.

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