On Oct 25, 10:37 am, Robert Kaiser <ka...@kairo.at> wrote:
> asmpgmr wrote:
> > Well the tiny round buttons aren't good. I've never seen any app have
> > buttons like that, it needs normal buttons. Also what do you perceive
> > as wrong with the 1.x design ? It looks perfectly fine to me. People
> > who don't like dialogs can use the download manager and that's great,
> > there's a choice. Why make the dialog unusable to those who prefer
> > dialogs ?
> The "tiny round buttons" are IMHO one of the better designs in that
> progress window. It's no dialog anyhow, it's a progess window.
> But perhaps we should have just remove them altogether, would have saved
> me lots of work and us all lots of discussions.

In general it looks too busy compared to the 1.x download progress
dialog, those buttons are too small and easily missed and the menu
dropdowns seem out of place on a dialog. Even when you requested
feedback about this on your blog most of the comments were negative.
Now I realize this is subjective and that you think "progress dialogs
are soo backwards, only really old software uses such a thing". Also I
know you have done a lot of work on SeaMonkey but you obviously hate
dialogs and anything resembling them to the point that you have no
objectivity when it comes to this area.
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