On Oct 27, 5:36 am, Neil <n...@parkwaycc.co.uk> wrote:
> asmpgmr wrote:
> >Perhaps someone will take an old pre-alpha 1 build of SeaMonkey 2.0 which 
> >supported early Gecko 1.9.1 before any of these UI changes were added, drop 
> >in the current version of Gecko 1.9.1 and release that as a user-supported 
> >custom build, a sort of SeaMonkey 1.5.
> If you're referring to our XPFE builds, they only supported 1.9.0a5, so
> you'd probably be able to compile it against Gecko 1.9.0.x, but of
> course it wouldn't have the extension manager, form autocomplete, feed
> preview, vista-compatible shell integration, fast location bar
> autocomplete, etc.

Isn't there an early build out there that supports Gecko 1.9.1.x but
still has the SeaMonkey 1.1.x UI ? I know 2.0 alpha 1 is close but has
the annoying infobars. Personally I don't care about any of the new
features, I only care about Gecko 1.9.1.x which processes JavaScript
faster and supports some newer web standards. As long as everything in
the SeaMonkey 1.1.x was still present then that would be great. So I
want the old location bar, old password manager, old form manager, old
download progress dialog and uses the old mork database format (I
don't care if it's old and archaic, it works while SQLite tends to
thrash). I would never use the RSS feeds or session saving and have no
intention of using bloated Win Vista or more bloated Win 7.

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