Benoit Renard wrote:
Phillip Jones wrote:
For example I've always thought Tabs was not what most users wanted, because it was a gee-whiz-bang feature that was in IE. we had to have it.

You're wrong.

OR, how about killing javascript, in Thunderbird.

Security risk, as pointed out above.

There was a Feature in Communicator that was great, you could check
for dead links and then ask it to delete them. It never saw the light
of day in Mozilla.

Another security (and privacy) risk. Imagine getting some spam with links. If SeaMonkey would check those for you, the spammer would get notified that your e-mail address exists, along with other data that's part of the HTTP request. Then you'd get even more spam.

I don't know about this "Dead Link" feature being in Communicator, but maybe it was. I've used AM-Deadlink for the last ten years or so, and, as far as I can see, there would only be a link to a Spammer page in my address book if I put it there.

So AM-Deadlink (or the Communicator feature from years ago) could only report me to a Spammer site if *I* had added the site first.

How was that a security risk in Communicator??

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