Phillip Jones escribió:
> Robert Kaiser wrote:
>> asmpgmr wrote:
>>> Granted but why do things like change the download progress dialog UI
>>> to be less usable because you don't like dialogs (Your words:
>>> "Download progress dialogs ? Eww!"). There really is no reason why
>>> this can't look more or less the same as SeaMonkey 1.x
>> If you love ugly, then you your own extension to make it ugly again.
> See exactly what I am talking about. You think it looks ugly. Other of
> us love it. Most of the silent Majority folks are not going to have the
> courage to speak up.

OK, I'll take the courage to speak up myself. :-) I love tabs, I
strongly think they don't waste resources (if any, they save
resources, since tabs don't create menu, menu items, toolbars, toolbar
contents and status bars that are part of new windows), I think they
add value to standard OS window management because they can be created
without grabbing focus (it may be possible now to do that with
windows, too, but it wasn't when tabs were first introduced in Mozilla
Suite), and I think new download progress windows are not so bad vs.
SeaMonkey 1.1.x (in fact, although I prefer dialogs vs. download
manager window, I find new dialogs more useful than SM 1.1.x ones).

And, despite above, I like more a separate dialog (whether modal or
not) for About SeaMonkey vs. the current tab behaviour. These are my

- Most "About..." programs are presented as dialogs, so SM digress
from them here.

- Usually, when I want to launch About... dialog, I want to see it.
However, due to my preferences, the About... tab is open in
background, forcing me to switch to it to access the data presented in
it. I think my preferences are not too unusual, though.

- If I have the mail and browser components open, with the mail
component having focus, and I launch About..., I have to switch to
browser component and probably switch to another tab.

Still, I think this is not a priority issue, although if a patch
already exists and works, it could worth considering it.

My 0.02 cents.


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