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> asmpgmr wrote:
> >Granted but why do things like change the download progress dialog UI to be 
> >less usable
> As with the loss of the About dialog, this was fallout from the
> conversion from XPFE to Toolkit, which (surprise) has no progress
> dialogs either, so from my point of view you should be lucky that any
> sort of progress dialog exists, because that means that somebody
> actually had to step up and write some new code to implement it.

That means there should be a better separation between the backend and
frontend code. Of course the Firefox developers are even more guilty
of pushing their personal UI choices so this is likely intentional. I
understand the backend switch is the reason the password manager was
changed as well. Unfortunately there is a definite anti-modal dialog
bias here (and having the old about dialog pref be called
"browser.show_about_as_stupid_modal_window" certainly supports this).
The problem is the developers aren't developing stuff just for
themselves, they're developing for a general audience with varied
tastes and varied ways of working. The developers seem to not get this
or not to care.
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