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I don't know about this "Dead Link" feature being in Communicator, but maybe it was. I've used AM-Deadlink for the last ten years or so, and, as far as I can see, there would only be a link to a Spammer page in my address book if I put it there.

So AM-Deadlink (or the Communicator feature from years ago) could only report me to a Spammer site if *I* had added the site first.

How was that a security risk in Communicator??


How would Communicator know that it was a dead link? It can only know by checking it.

Or is this some feature that disabled all links unless it matched a whitelist?

What it did was go to the site and try to get in as soon as it got a response it would mark it as active or dead. then it listed the dead links you could then delete the dead links. I can't remember exact process but it worked well. Worked kind of like a Whois utility.

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