Leonidas Jones wrote:
No, not yet. But I have a lot of newsgroups.

I thought SM2 was supposed to have better isolation between different
pages/features, so that problems with one page/feature would not disable
the whole application.

Anyway, this is not acceptable. How can SM2 be designed this way? Will
it be fixed?

Well, the freezing I am seeing is purely related to RSS, so its probably not the same. In fact, I had been attributing the problem to my non standard profile setup, where the mail/news/rss data is stored on an external drive.

Do you have your account set to poll the servers for new messages at the same time? If so, that may be the cause.

I don't have my newsgroups poll automatically. I do have two IMAP email accounts that update every 10 minutes.

David Wilkinson
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