David E. Ross wrote:
On 10/26/2009 4:45 AM, David Wilkinson wrote:
Using XP, I have for some time been plagued by freezes in SM1. The application becomes unresponsive, and all the SM windows in Task Manager show "Not responding". After a while (30 seconds perhaps) it comes back to life.

But now I am saying the same thing in SM2 (on a different XP machine). It may be related to mail/news, because I have not seen it happen when I have only browser windows open.

Does anybody else see this?

Currently, I have SeaMonkey 1.1.18.  I did a custom install without
mail-news.  I do not bother with RSS.

I see the freeze whenever a page contains JavaScript that causes
additional scripts to download and then execute.  I especially see it
when such a chain of scripts involves a final display that is a PDF
document in my browser window. but I also occasionally see it when the
chain of scripts does not involve PDF.

Because of this, I used the PrefBar extension to create a JavaScript
checkbox.  Unchecking the checkbox disables JavaScript.  Now, when I
visit a Web site where I've seen this freeze in the past, I uncheck.
Sometimes I have to be alert to check the checkbox when navigating
through such a site to a page that is just plain broken without

RSS doesn't exist in Mac version of SM 1.1.8 never has. you could add an extension but didn't like it. Even in FF I don't use it.

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