I am seeing something similar.Can't figute out what is causing it. It seems to be related to getting mail, but I have all of my mail accounts set to get mail only when asked.

David Wilkinson wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
David Wilkinson wrote:
Using XP, I have for some time been plagued by freezes in SM1. The
application becomes unresponsive, and all the SM windows in Task Manager
show "Not responding". After a while (30 seconds perhaps) it comes back
to life.

But now I am saying the same thing in SM2 (on a different XP machine).
It may be related to mail/news, because I have not seen it happen when I
have only browser windows open.

Does anybody else see this?

Yes, the whole program freezes while RSS feeds are being updated. Do
you have RSS feeds set up in Mail/News?

No, not yet. But I have a lot of newsgroups.

I thought SM2 was supposed to have better isolation between different
pages/features, so that problems with one page/feature would not disable
the whole application.

Anyway, this is not acceptable. How can SM2 be designed this way? Will
it be fixed?

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