NFN Smith wrote:

... What I want to do is take just a copy of the backed up inbox, and
copy the messages from the recovered inbox and put them into a
folder, where I can then manually merge back into my regular inbox.

Can anybody remind me how to do this?

Assuming the Inbox has no subfolders:

1) Close SeaMonkey.

2) In your mail directory, which you already know how to find if you deleted Inbox.msf, find the file "Inbox" and rename it to something you'll remember, e.g., "Bad_Inbox." Delete Inbox.msf as you did before.

3) Copy the backed up Inbox file into that same directory.

4) Relaunch SeaMonkey and you'll see both folders. Have at it.

If Inbox does have subfolders, you're looking for a /folder/ named "Inbox.sbd," /as well as/ the files "Inbox" and "Inbox.msf." After deleting "Inbox.msf," rename both the folder and the file analogously ("Bad_Inbox" and "Bad_Inbox.sbd") and then move the corresponding backup files to the mail folder.

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