NFN Smith wrote:
NFN Smith wrote:

2) About an hour ago, I found that a bunch of messages have gone missing
from my inbox, and I haven't purged or deleted anything en masse
(although I was doing maintenance work and deleted a handful of messages
one at a time).

I just had this happen again.

I again recovered from backups (and knowing what to do, it went quickly).

However, when I completed my work, I went to the properties of the
folder and clicked "Repair folder" to rebuild the index, and I had the
same thing happen, yet again -- all messages whose send dates are not
October (of whatever year) have disappeared.

I can recover from backups again, easily enough, but to me, I'm
wondering if routine maintenance of compressing folders is causing this
to happen.

I think I've seen this kind of thing happen before, where re-indexing
causes messages to disappear.

What can I do to keep this from happening again?


Stop using the inbox for permanent storage. Make a separate folder and put messages you want to keep in there.

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