On Tuesday 25 May 2004 06:36 am, Robert Greenage wrote:
> This appears to be a major blow to the development of freenet.Conrad is a
> major force behind the whole project.Without him I don't see any other
> developer capable of stepping up and filling the void. He has a good
> point with the constant code changes that do seem to be "a shot in the
> dark" There is a fuzziness of focus that has impeded the development of
> the project.

I'm not sure how long you've been around the project but to say you "don't 
see any other developer capable of stepping up and filling the void" is an 

I thought Conrad's main points were:

1) Fred takes too much CPU and RAM because it's written in Java.
2) The project has no focus.

I don't agree with either point in absolute terms, but there's always room 
for improvement.

> It saddens me to see a new significant idea come to fruition
> and then, for whatever reason(s) become bogged down in what appears to be
> an aimless series of attempts at correction. Conrad you will be missed.

Well some of these ideas worked on paper, and then didn't work when they 
were released into the wild.  Most of these ideas are untested, and do not 
have a prior-case to study and learn from.

Jay Oliveri
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