On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 03:15:32PM +0100, Ian Clarke wrote:
> Toad wrote:
> >>JIT Java (which we're all running) is also very speedy, there's only a 
> >>few  rare instances where it's worth the trouble to replace code with 
> >>something  natively instead.
> >Debatable. But most of the problems with Java come from the fact that it
> >is non-free IMHO. If and when freenet works on GCJ, we benefit from:
> >1. Reduced CPU usage due to better optimization and no compilation at
> >run time.
> There are optimisations that can be performed at runtime by a JIT which 
> cannot be performed by a native compiler, so it can't be taken for 
> granted that avoiding runtime compilation is an advantage.

Avoiding proprietary software is ALWAYS an advantage. At least if you
want anyone to run it on *nix. Also, precompilation is normally an
advantage on memory usage, even if not on CPU. And in fact it usually is
on CPU too.
> Ian.
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