On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 11:08:19PM +0200, Zenon Panoussis wrote:
> Toad wrote:
> >>Or something like that. The real and ever-present danger
> >>against freenet is not in your IP being shown to your peers.
> >>It is in (a) the integrity of its developers and (b) in the
> >>security of the software archive. If the latter ever gets
> >>compromised, we might all end up running a piece of Big
> >>Broher-owned spyware called "freenet".
> >Well, most PCs run insecure software, infrequently updated. Even of
> >those that are relatively secure their operators don't have the
> >understanding or the time to make them secure. And even if they do there
> >are always more vulnerabilities, as programmers are human beings. "They"
> >can probably compromize the vast majority of PCs pretty easily.
> If my machine is insecure and gets compromised, my ass might be
> on fire. If your ftp server gets compromised, the ass of every
> single freenet user in the world could be on fire.

I was pointing out that if 99% of Freenet nodes run on Windows 98, then
your anonymity isn't necessarily what it appears.
> And the idea that this could happen is not far-fetched. Remember
> the linux kernel root hack a few months ago on kernel.org? The
> Debian server? You can publish all the md5 checksums you want,
> but whoever can manipulate the files themselves, can manipulate
> the published checksums too. Among the eager competitors to hack
> your server are about 120 governments, a multitude of political
> organisations, several mafias of different flavours and, of course,
> every Joe Hacker and Skrip T Kiddie who would consider it a
> special honour to have hacked a whole network instead of only
> a server.
> You have taken extraordinary measures to protect against this
> happening, haven't you?

Umm, measures such as..? I don't see how you can defend against the
above, really.

There is one thing though... I think the CVS announcement mails are
generated on the client side. They should be generated on the server
side. Anyone know how to do this?
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