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They do have a choice, nothing is forcing them to run freenet.
It doesn't matter that they can't see exactly what their node is doing, but only the fact that they know what their node is probably doing.
If someone gives you a package in Mexico and ask you to carry it across the boarder. You do so and customs finds it full of drugs. It doesn't matter that you didn't see what was in there or even if it was locked and you couldn't see what was in there. All that matters is that a reasonable person would know what's in there.

FUD - since Freenet has other legitimate uses. We don't prosecute ISPs even though we _know_ with 100% certainty that some of the groups contain childporn. We don't prosecute car manufacturers even though we _know_ with 100% certainty that some cars will be used to transport drugs over national borders. We don't prosecute postal offices even though we know with 100% certainty that some packages contain childporn and some contain drugs.

No one running a Freenet node _knows_ with 100% certainty that he/she is trafficking anything illegal.

On the other hand, I don't live in the Fascist states of America. (See link for explanation)



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