It's a no for me.

I'm not at all against JavaScript, and it's safe to enable it in
incognito mode (or when using a separate Firefox profile for Freenet).
The problem is that some users won't enable JS no matter what, and
some others won't be able to (e.g. because they are using a
non-conventional browser). And we shouldn't neglect FProxy's

_If_ there will be a way to use FProxy without JavaScript (and your
message suggests the opposite), then I think everyone will agree with
me that it's okay.

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 5:29 PM, Matthew Toseland
<> wrote:
> We are considering making it impossible to use Freenet without a browser 
> supporting Javascript. Yes or no answers would be useful (feel free to make 
> further comments). I will post a similar poll to FMS. I suggest somebody does 
> Frost, I personally don't use Frost.
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