On Fri, 15 Oct 2010 16:29:52 +0100, Matthew Toseland wrote:
> We are considering making it impossible to use Freenet without a
> browser supporting Javascript. Yes or no answers would be useful
> (feel free to make further comments). I will post a similar poll to
> FMS. I suggest somebody does Frost, I personally don't use Frost.

You're asking this to a very biased population, by the way.
Security/tech conscious people will always lean towards the 'no' side
on this. The main (only) people who would say 'yes' or 'i don't care'
are the kind of people who don't participate in mailing lists... the
kind of people who just want to click once or twice, and have
everything work perfectly. (Or throw it in the "Trash Bin" if it takes
a few more clicks, or doesn't work perfectly.) Arguably, these people
matter too. Although even then, it's for their own good -- even if
they might not immediately realize it :b. (Not to use JavaScript.)
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