On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 14:11 -0500, Ian Clarke wrote:

> It would be really helpful if people could spend a little time to
> understand what is being debated before they start ranting.

Try again. I subscribed to this list last....May? I have received
perhaps a half dozen messages since then until this last week. Suddenly
I have 50 messages some dating back to June and July. The first message
I received in the bunch was the straw poll on javascript. Since then I
have carefully read every message I have received. There has been very
little discussion as to why js is needed, or I am missing a bunch of
messages, or the discussion seriously needs to be brought down to a
level that I can understand. So don't tell me to understand before I
start ranting if you are not part of the solution of helping me
understand. Until I understand, my vote still stands at no.

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