On Saturday 16 October 2010 10:58:30 Dennis Nezic wrote:

> Oh, right, it is also very insecure. I'm not sure what "incognito mode"
> is, and believe it or not, not everyone uses Firefox or Chrome, but
> won't JavaScript still leak information like a drunk widow? (Ie. your
> browser, display resolution, and other potentially de-anonymizing
> stuff?) Sure, FProxy will try to filter scripts, but having (ugly)
> gaping holes lying around doesn't comfort me. (Although, even if
> (the various?) JavaScript implementations were made more
> anonymous-friendly, and even if they were made to work with less than
> 100% cpu, it's still just plain ugly / script-unfriendly / etc.)

You obviously have not understood what we are actually talking about. We are 
NOT planning to allow freesites to execute arbitrary JavaScript. (And I had 
thought that would have been clear.)

We are talking about the Freenet web interface being spiced up with JavaScript 
to increase usability. Freesites will keep being denied any JavaScript, as 


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