So by running 0.7 in default mode I'm running in darknet? Or is there 
another piece of the freenet puzzle I need to discover?

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>>Would you define this statement? "they're (developers) working against a
>>very real
>Happily.  At some point, running Freenet will (likely) become illegal,
>assuming current trends continue.  This includes in the West.  It may
>already be in France.  It is safe to assume that developing Freenet
>will have the same legal status, whatever that may be.
>When that happens, the darknet needs to be sufficiently functional for
>development to move off the public net and onto the darknet.  If the
>darknet can't support a collaborative development effort by then, we
>have a real problem.  It may or may not be enough to kill Freenet
>entirely, but it would be a big enough setback to make data resets and
>incompatible versions look rosy by comparison.
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