Store files simply cannot be converted as you suggest, because their
contents are encrypted; you can download a site from 0.5 and insert it
into 0.7, if you know the key. You will probably have to generate a new
SSK keypair. You might even be able to spider 0.5 and insert the sites
(with new SSK keys) into 0.7 (Obviously there is no security here; you
can tamper with them as much as you like and the only way to check is to
use 0.5). You cannot however bulk migrate 0.5 content from the store.

On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 12:04:12AM +0200, [Anon] Anon User wrote:
> In <35af28770608241201n680631f1v158485f8cdc4073 at> urza9814 
> at wrote:
> >Freenet 0.5 is an opennet. You connect to any random node that happens
> >to be on. Freenet 0.7 doesn't have this yet. In 0.7, there is no main
> >network. There might be now, but the idea of the way it currently is
> >setup is to allow small groups to connect without connecting to
> >everyone else. Pretty much, there's nowhere for the content to go.
> >It'd be like trying to move everything on the internet to your local
> >LAN.
> >That, and it's just a complete program re-write I believe. It's quite
> >easy to 'convert' the a page, save it, and then
> >re-upload it. The data stores work differently, and anyways the data
> >is distributed, so there wouldn't be any easy way to move it over.
> >
> I don't know enough programming to do this, but I have an idea for a tool:
> Given that a user has an 0.5 node and a new 0.7 node import the data store.
> the tool would read the 0.5 store files, convert them to 0.7 format and then 
> write them
> into the 0.7 store directories.
> Other than that, freesites will have to be saved in their entirety and then 
> inserted 
> into 0.7.  Has FIW been fixed to work with 0.7?  If it has, I'd be willing to 
> help insert
> 0.5 content into 0.7 once I can get 0.7 working on windows98
> I would also want to have enough refs to be able to guaranteed connectivity 
> at all times.
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