Through the opennet. Which won't exist for, like, a year.

On 8/26/06, diddler4u at <diddler4u at> wrote:
> >>Freenet 0.5 is an opennet. You connect to any random node that happens
> >>to be on. Freenet 0.7 doesn't have this yet. In 0.7, there is no main
> >>network. There might be now, but the idea of the way it currently is
> >>setup is to allow small groups to connect without connecting to
> >>everyone else.
> >
> >That is not true.  Freenet 0.7 is designed to form one global  network, not
> >multiple independent networks consisting of small groups.
> >
> >Ian.
> Ian,
> How can freenet grow to be a global network unless someone in one group
> trades connection information with someone in another group?
> Hypothetical - A group of people in England, another in France, another in
> Russia, and another in China have grown individual trusted 0.7 freenets. No
> one in any of these groups knows someone in the other freenet group, and
> they don't want to just advertise in IRC chat to find someone to connect to
> because they don't know and trust this as a way to add people to their
> freenet. How will these freenet groups become a part of a global network?
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