>From: "Lars Juel Nielsen" <lars.j.nielsen at gmail.com>

>to take down a darknet you have to find participants and trick
>them to letting you in and then you can start finding out which hosts
>are part of it.

Wait - Wait - You don't have to be tricked into letting someone in. All they 
have to do is go to the IRC Chat and advertise they have freenet and want to 
exchange information with someone. Someone exchanges information with them 
and they in. Or are you saying everyone who joined was tricked into joining 
Freenet in the first place?

I guess you mean there will be all these small darknets of people who are 
isolated from the rest of the wrold because they don't know anyone they can 
trust so they will never give out their node information. If that were the 
case, I wouldn't be running a freenet server right now. I would be me, with 
freenet running; an isolated entity within my own darknet, because I've 
never met anyone who has ever said they were running freenet.

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