On Thu, 24 Aug 2006 19:37:56 -0400, Juiceman <juiceman69 at gmail.com> wrote:
> For those of you have never even tried to use 0.7 but are complaining about 
> it:
> 1.  You shouldn't argue until you at least try it.
> 2.  It performs quite well IMO compared to 0.5
> 3.  Almost every app from 0.5 works with 0.7 now (or there is an
> equivalent program available)
> 4.  It is a complete re-write of almost all the code and uses a
> dramatically different data format so backwards compatibility is not
> possible.  Move forward.  :)

To convince me you need not try for ready am I to migrate to 0.7
Like others recently posting however I am Windows 98 user not able to 
change OS.
Tried have I various install methods to use.  So far Failed have they all.

Seeking guidance am I, to complete the migration with success.  From others 
I seen postings in their quest similar, yet ignored are they all.

For help thank I you all.

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