Hi Donald,

This is Gary Kramlich the current maintainer of Pidgin.  Please excuse
my tardiness in this matter as I haven't had much time to dedicate to
Pidgin in the past few weeks.

That said.  We are staging a new version which will have this updates,
but we will most likely miss the 20161016 date.  If we could get that
extended it would be great.

Also our code base has contains two clients that connect to AIM and as
I've learned recently they do not share keys.  The other clients name
is Finch and if we could get a set of keys for it that would be
awesome.  Otherwise we'll just reuse the Pidgin ones for the time

Also is there a web portal or something where we can manage this keys?
 If so, please respond to me directly as I assume we'll want to
control access to it.


Gary Kramlich <g...@reaperworld.com>

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