Keith and Dana

I agree that I wouldn't want anything that isn't safe.  Being feed to me 
or to any animal I was going to eat.  But I have a real hard time 
believing this is completely about safety.

In Europe it's called "Liberty Link" in the US it's called "Roundup 
Ready".  For all practical purposes they are the same.  The European 
governments are screaming that Roundup Ready is unsafe and refuse to let 
the US export either the seed or the chemical.  But yet they continue to 
develop their Liberty Link. Now the US chemical companies (who own the 
seed companies)  are refusing to let Liberty Link or the seed to be sold 
in the US. This is nothing less than government protection of a new 
industry in their respective countries, not safety. China is just new to 
the game and Japan will be soon to join, if they haven't already.

I reminder "Saccharin" sorry for the spelling but it was banned, then 20 
years later when the newer higher priced products where firmly 
established then they suddenly reversed themselves and now we can buy 
all the saccharin you would ever want.

As for some lab saying that something is unsafe, their is at least one 
lab who would gladly say that it is for every one that would say that it 
wasn't.  It is their money that clearly decides what their lab will say.

I personally do not believe that anybody has come up with any strong 
evidence to warrant all the bans being put on except that which is being 
spread to protect private industry from foreign interests. Which is all 
BS to me. During the 70's the big oil people were saying and swearing 
that ethanol was so bad for our cars.  Reminder the signs "Contains NO 
Alcohol" on the gas pumps.  I do and I think we are seeing them again 
right now.

As I said, just politics.  That's all this is to me and until someone 
comes up with some good solid proof then that is all it will be.

I do however respect your opinions and do feel that research should 
continue until GM's are either proven safe or not safe. Not that this is 
going to change anybody's mind on this matter. I will wait to see before 
I make my judgment on them.


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