Pedro Quaresma wrote:
> >is Forsaken (1997).  Check out the front, back, and the
> >calendar inside the package :-)
> What about Elvira 1? It has Cassandra Peterson on the box in her usual
> Elvira makeup and costume.

Yes, but I thought the question was about new packages.
> Also, Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 had a photo of two pretty girls on a
> gas station on the box... which reminds me of another question: I once saw
> in Spain a "special" (??) version of LGoP2 that included a serial port
> sound system of some sort. Was it really a special edition? Or did all of
> them include that thing?

They all did -- it was called the Lifesize Sound Enhancer.  One of the
programmers told me once it was some sort of special device, but I cracked one
open (in my younger foolish days when collecting software and keeping packages
intact wasn't a priority) and didn't see anything special -- it just looked
like a traditional D/A device built out of resistors with (I think) a capacitor
as a crude amp.

I am building an online museum of old/classic PC sound hardware, and while I
have a lot of neat devices to put online with pictures, sound clips, etc., I no
longer have my Life-Size Sound Enhancer.  Does anyone have a copy of LGOP2
*with* the device that they would be willing to sell?  I will pay a fair
> >If nobody has a copy, should have the cover scans.
> Oh Jim, it was a terrible choice for the name of the site :) You probably
> should've called it ;)
> (Obviously I have nothing against the site name; but the company I work for
> has restricted access to all sites with "games" on it, to stop massive
> downloads from the web from the employees).

Crap!  Well, can you use the IP address instead?  Like, does work for you?  If not, try it from home; if you don't have
access from home, I can email you the cover scans you want.
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