Maybe .. But i do not spend money nor time to do some "missionary work" for 
what reason ever there is when stuff doesn't work. I've done it for years with 
spammer friendly hoster which even see the abuse box is a Spam trap,  and all 
the so called number one hoster which never take care about what there client 
do if they pay the rent.
In short if a system start to apply some exploits they are blacklisted after 
second try without notice... 
If ipv6 starts to troubling and hits my reputation because of some quirks in 
transfer .. I stop supporting it when ever  possible.
Business goes before idealism .. 

Em 20 de setembro de 2016 15:52:18 AMT, Gregor Riepl <> 
>> Unfortunately the people who misconfigure do not read RFCs, if they
>> they would not filter.
>> They do not read this list either, let alone other resources that
>> should be reading. Hence... not something one can solve.
>BUT: If you find such a person, you can strongly urge them to read this
>RFC. ;)
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