Hi Folks,

Phil - it sounds like you've got a handle on things with regard to the
reference implementation.  The JavaServer2.0 was written in parallel
to the DSpace implementation (as Stuart says), to provide the generic
parsing and serialising of sword protocol operations.  Hopefully I've
successfully separated the concerns of the standard from the concerns
of DSpace, but I'd be interested in your feedback.

>> p.s. I'm growing concerned that this mailing list is so quiet (and
>> only admins can see the number of people subscribed). Have people
>> moved on from SWORD to some other standard? If so, which one?
> I just checked - there are 175 subscribers to this list.
> As far as I know, SWORD is the main contender in town when it comes to a 
> standardized deposit interface to this type of repository.  I've also 
> wondered about the quietness of this list.  I think there may be a few 
> reasons: one, is that a lot of repository users are still grappling with 
> their repositories, without yet getting as far as accepting remote deposits.  
> Second, SWORD doesn't yet really have an active community sharing deposit 
> tools.  Partly this is because many uses of SWORD will be very specific 
> point-to-point integrations, which might not be of interest to too many 
> others.
> It would be good to hear a wider discussion about this, and how we share more 
> about our individual uses of SWORD.

I think one of the main issues is exactly where to ask about what.
Because SWORD is a standard, but the technical questions are really
about implementations, where is the best place to post about problems?
 For example, if the problems are specifically with the DSpace
implementation of SWORD, it is /probably/ better to ask on dspace-dev.

Also, because we're in the early stages of community development with
SWORD, Stuart and I are a bit of a bottleneck on this list - usually
one of us is required to respond, and if we're unavailable for any
length of time (e.g. I've been travelling for nearly 2 weeks now, and
am emailing from the fourth row of a session at OAI8 right now :) ),
then the list looks dead.

We are hoping to have some discussions around sword sustainability
with Jisc quite soon which community development and support like this
is going to be a key part of.

Very interested in people's thoughts as to how to make things better.




Richard Jones,

Founder, Cottage Labs
t: @richard_d_jones, @cottagelabs
w: http://cottagelabs.com

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