On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 5:29 AM, Richard Jones <rich...@cottagelabs.com> wrote:
> We probably need to get together a how-to or tutorial in using the
> code.  If you can document your experiences with it, we'd be very
> interested in including that into a README or a github page for the
> software.

Sure, as I go along I'm updating the readme at https://github.com/dvn/swordpoc

>> One issue I'm having is finding a published version of that
>> org.swordapp:sword2-server jar. Do you plan to publish it on Maven
>> Central? For now, I'm building it myself but I opened
>> https://github.com/dvn/swordpoc/issues/1 to remind myself to follow up
>> on this.
> Yes, I haven't done this yet, but we will need to do it in order for
> the new code for DSpace to be accepted into the main release.  I don't
> have a lot of experience with publishing maven artifacts, so up until
> now I've been just installing it into my local maven repository when
> using it.  Glad to accept any help in getting it done!

Hmm, I actually don't have any experience publishing to Maven Central.
I'm not sure how hard it is.

Before the jar gets published, I believe I may have found a bug here:


When I use the following command...

curl --insecure -s -H "X-On-Behalf-Of: obo" --http1.0 --data-binary
"@example.zip" -H "Content-Disposition: filename=example.zip" -H
"Content-Type: application/zip"

... my "example.zip" file gets uploaded as "xample.zip" (i.e. the
first character is removed). I can easily reproduce this in Vagrant
with https://github.com/dvn/swordpoc if you'd like more detail.


Philip Durbin
Software Developer for http://thedata.org

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