Hi Phil,

>> Phil - it sounds like you've got a handle on things with regard to the
>> reference implementation.  The JavaServer2.0 was written in parallel
>> to the DSpace implementation (as Stuart says), to provide the generic
>> parsing and serialising of sword protocol operations.  Hopefully I've
>> successfully separated the concerns of the standard from the concerns
>> of DSpace, but I'd be interested in your feedback.
> It's somewhat slow going, but I'm not blocked on anything. I'm very
> glad SWORD v2 servers have already been implemented in Java!

We probably need to get together a how-to or tutorial in using the
code.  If you can document your experiences with it, we'd be very
interested in including that into a README or a github page for the

> I had mentioned https://github.com/dvn/swordv2-java-minimal previously
> which is a fork of your https://github.com/swordapp/JavaServer2.0 but
> I wanted to move the code into its own project so I could use the
> org.swordapp:sword2-server jar as a library as it's intended. Toward
> this end I made a new Java project under edu.harvard.iq namespace and
> added the code into https://github.com/dvn/swordpoc and updated the
> readme to explain how to build and deploy it into the provided Vagrant
> environment.
> One issue I'm having is finding a published version of that
> org.swordapp:sword2-server jar. Do you plan to publish it on Maven
> Central? For now, I'm building it myself but I opened
> https://github.com/dvn/swordpoc/issues/1 to remind myself to follow up
> on this.

Yes, I haven't done this yet, but we will need to do it in order for
the new code for DSpace to be accepted into the main release.  I don't
have a lot of experience with publishing maven artifacts, so up until
now I've been just installing it into my local maven repository when
using it.  Glad to accept any help in getting it done!

> I'm sure I'll have more feedback as time goes on. At a high level,
> we're hoping to use SWORD v2 as the protocol that allows Open Journal
> Systems to deposit data into a Dataverse, as described at
> http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/ojs-dvn/book/faq-ojs-dataverse-integration-project

Excellent - really cool to see this kind of thing happening!




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