Hi Richard!

I just sent you separate pull request for the same issue:

generalise getName/getFilename into getContentDispositionValue by
pdurbin · Pull Request #3 · swordapp/JavaServer2.0 -

Here's the text I put in the pull request:
This pull request aims to resolve "this is the same code as above, but
with a different token; generalise" FIXME as well as the "first
character truncated from filename in Content-Disposition" issue
reported in 

It uses 

Please note that a semicolon is used as a separator but
suggests that a comma might be a legitimate separator per



On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Richard Jones <rich...@cottagelabs.com> wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> On 28 June 2013 22:05, Philip Durbin <philip_dur...@harvard.edu> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Philip Durbin
>> <philip_dur...@harvard.edu> wrote:
>>> Before the jar gets published, I believe I may have found a bug here:
>>> https://github.com/swordapp/JavaServer2.0/blob/31e625ac97be13f794e1b98512f8d1c48d751652/src/main/java/org/swordapp/server/SwordAPIEndpoint.java#L435
>>> When I use the following command...
>>> curl --insecure -s -H "X-On-Behalf-Of: obo" --http1.0 --data-binary
>>> "@example.zip" -H "Content-Disposition: filename=example.zip" -H
>>> "Content-Type: application/zip"
>>> https://sword:sword@localhost:8181/swordpoc/collection/a4f21cdc-f20c-4c82-b63e-5df81f809417
>>> ... my "example.zip" file gets uploaded as "xample.zip" (i.e. the
>>> first character is removed). I can easily reproduce this in Vagrant
>>> with https://github.com/dvn/swordpoc if you'd like more detail.
>> FYI, this bug has been confirmed by Bill McKinney who has submitted a
>> pull request called "enhanced content disposition handling":
>> https://github.com/swordapp/JavaServer2.0/pull/2
> Great, thanks; I've not incorporated it yet purely due to lack of time
> to look at sword for a month or so.  I did bump into Bill at OR13 in
> Canada, which was great, and he did prod me about it on your behalf :)
>  I will get this onto my todo list, though, thanks for submitting it!
> Cheers,
> Richard
>> For my part, I'm moved my proof of concept code into an experimental
>> branch in our app itself: https://github.com/IQSS/dvn/commit/4838565
>> I can keep https://github.com/dvn/swordpoc around for anyone who wants
>> to see the library exercised a bit with some working code.
>> Phil
>> --
>> Philip Durbin
>> Software Developer for http://thedata.org
>> http://www.iq.harvard.edu/people/philip-durbin
> --
> Richard Jones,
> Founder, Cottage Labs
> t: @richard_d_jones, @cottagelabs
> w: http://cottagelabs.com

Philip Durbin
Software Developer for http://thedata.org

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