Don't know how you deduced "no space?" from Martin's comment. A space is an
alphanumeric character. In any case, as I mentioned, there is normally a
local consensus on space-versus-no space, and as others have mentioned,
it's up to you.

The problem with space-vs-no space arises particularly with refs, which are
searchable. If you include the space for refs of national routes in
Morocco, someone will remove it; if you omit it in Algeria, someone will
add it. There are some advantages to consistency within a given area, and
the tagging consensus will be documented (hopefully) on the wiki or the
local mailing list (as is the case for the national routes I cited). "Paint
the label" is fine in general but there can be other considerations (signs,
as you know, aren't always correct).

Tag *names*, by contrast, use an underscore instead of a space. Kevin
Kenny's comment above indicates what appears to be the consensus on the tag
name(s) in the USA. So in theory you might have
ref:US:NFSR:Raggeds_Wilderness:NFH=FS 826. That seems to me to be a bit
much to swallow ...

You can see the tagging on the Court Street example he cites here:

Here's a Colorado national forest highway with a nearby CR:

The tags look reasonable to me:

name=Lake Irwin Road 826
source=Gunnison County GIS data, USFS, Bing

... except that, again, you might want to use a space instead of a hyphen
in the "ref" tag in this case, and normally you'd use semicolons (not
commas) as a separator in the "source" tag.

On Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 12:28 AM Warin <> wrote:

> On 19/08/19 05:16, Paul Allen wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Aug 2019 at 19:55, Rob Savoye <> wrote:
>>   So no space ? USFS roads use "FS " with a space, at least that seems
>> to be common. So should those be "FS739.1A' ?
> My opinion is "paint the label."  Others disagree.  Make up your own mind
> which
> is better.
> +1.
> The mapper is in charge of what goes into OSM. They should map what they
> see, not conform to some 'rule' of 'no spaces' etc etc. Map the truth.
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