On 8/18/19 11:09 AM, Johnparis wrote:
> Normally it would be "ref:usfs" rather than "usfs:ref".

  Thanks, I just found the ref=* page. Also noticed 'loc_name' and
'nat_name', and it looks like those plus ref* are used for routing.
Anyway, I like the ref:usfs tag, and will use that, and ref= for the
county designation.

> And yes, the main ref for the cited road would be "ref=CR 2". Included
> spaces in a ref tag vary by local consensus. Some places might use
> "ref=CR2". If there are signs and they are consistent I'd use that.

  Since I usually validate by truck, I use whatever the street sign
says, since that's what the driver uses. A few weeks ago we were at a
structure fire and a local had put up his own road sign, but with the
wrong name! We decided to trust our map, which worked great. I had used
used the actual common name, and put the bad sign in a 'note'. Note
really sure how to handle that...

        - rob -

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