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>   Since I usually validate by truck, I use whatever the street sign
> says, since that's what the driver uses. A few weeks ago we were at a
> structure fire and a local had put up his own road sign, but with the
> wrong name! We decided to trust our map, which worked great. I had used
> used the actual common name, and put the bad sign in a 'note'. Note
> really sure how to handle that...

If the owner calls in a fire at his house, he's going to use his own wrong
for the road.  So you'd probably be best to have it as a loc_name, then
a chance of somebody other than you finding it.

OTOH, if you want to make sure mappers know it's not the name of the road
no matter
what that guy says, then not:name=*.

Having it as both a loc_name and a not:name feels wrong, but a loc_name
with a note
saying only one guy on the entire planet calls it that would work.

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